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    Round 3 : Enigmatik vs Trevaa [Enigmatik wins with KO]


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    Round 3 : Enigmatik vs Trevaa [Enigmatik wins with KO]

    Post by Slazy on Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:42 am



    Voting Format;
    3-0 KO
    3-X Win

    Only listed members may vote;
    Slazy, Lungy, Maca, Austro, Jenkinz, Bibby, Mr T

    ***Do not post in this thread unless you are one of the above.
    Goodluck to everyone

    Last edited by Slazy on Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:31 pm; edited 1 time in total

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    Re: Round 3 : Enigmatik vs Trevaa [Enigmatik wins with KO]

    Post by Slazy on Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:59 pm

    you flow really well, but id like to see some more energy from you, beatride seems to be there for the most part but i think because youre so laidback its not as strong as it could be, some of your transitions, esp at around 0:38 with all the shuffles really need work, for now seems like you have control over your walk but theres not really anything eye catching about your walk apart fmor the flow, add in some more creative variations and work on your beatride to help bring more entertainent

    got repetitive very fast, seems like v's into a stepback is definitely your go to move, can see youre bringing in some more creative variations with your ankle breaker and your shuffles, but the execution needs to be worked on a little more, they come off sloppy in parts, beatride was on/off , really relied on stepbacks to hit the beats,

    vote : Enigmatik, more developed walk
    Le Globale` Moderateur.
     Le Globale` Moderateur.

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    Re: Round 3 : Enigmatik vs Trevaa [Enigmatik wins with KO]

    Post by Maca on Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:17 pm

    Variations: Both
    Style: Similar styles in my eyes...
    Flow / Consistency: Enigmatik
    Transitions: Enigmatik
    Beatriding/Lyricsriding: Enigmatik
    Entertainment: Enigmatik

    You both have similar styles in my eyes (Maybe its the shoes). Enigmatik, your flow is excellent, beatriding was good, mostly on point though can be worked on, spin was slightly off balance but was a nice finishing touch. Biggest downfall in this videos was your walk looked quit sloppy, 0:13 - 0:16 looked real off. Trevaa, you are developing a nice bounce, but you really need to work on your beatriding, it will make your walk look so much better. I liked the ankle breakers you added in, trying to be unique which is good to see.

    However, my vote goes to Enigmatik, flow was excellent and walk was more developed
    Fear Me.
    I'm The King
    Fear Me. I'm The King

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    Re: Round 3 : Enigmatik vs Trevaa [Enigmatik wins with KO]

    Post by Lungy on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:16 am

    - consistent flow props (y)
    - walk was fairly clean, sloppy here and there, some dusting up to do
    - I think what you need are more varies to add to your walk, itll make it that much better
    - beatride was fairly on point
    - spin was quite nice, i dont think it was a huge factor that you lost your balance since you finished your walk.
    - transitions need some work eg 0:38 shuffle side to side transition

    - Good basis for your walk right now
    - Again i think you need more varies due to the fact your walk got reppy real fast, there wasn't too much variety
    - Beatride was alright, but could be better
    - Stepbacks are used to much, when doing v varies try other ways to transition from a vary to another
    - i feel like ankle breakers kiled your flow, especially since they didnt fit with the song either

    MY VOTE: Enigmatik More developed, more entertaining

    Enigmatik wins 3 - 0 KO

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    Re: Round 3 : Enigmatik vs Trevaa [Enigmatik wins with KO]

    Post by Sponsored content

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