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    Henor vs Superman

    Standard C-Walker
    Standard C-Walker

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    Henor vs Superman

    Post by Superman on Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:07 pm



    Fear Me.
    I'm The King
    Fear Me. I'm The King

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    Re: Henor vs Superman

    Post by Lungy on Sat Jul 21, 2012 3:00 pm

    Execution: Superman
    Beatride: Henor (By a hair)
    Consistency: Superman
    Variations: Both
    Cleanliness: Superman

    This battle came down to whole had the more developed walk, whilst both of you gave me entertainment and musicality, i believe that Superman's walk was alot cleaner and alot less forced.
    Henor, what you really need to work on is your execution which i understand your working on removing the forcefullness, but that also affects how your moves are executed; Superman's were executed alot cleaner imo.
    Beatride went to Henor though for keeping on beat for majority of the video but only by a hair
    I just think that Superman, you could add a few more varies, maybe some crown hops, some more heeltoes etc and it could take your walk to the next level.
    What really appeared to me is that both of you began t slow down, moves became sloppy etc towards the end, try to work on keeping consistent throughtout the video.

    -forced walk but you know by now, but it really seems to be eating into the execution of your moves
    - i feel your variations are at a good stage but work on making them cleaner
    - flow is choppy at some points eg shuffles and that weird gangstop hop, shuffle variation you do.
    - try to cutback on the v stepbacks, its cutting into your flow
    - work on beatriding more, you need to hit more bass claps (y)
    - real good variety of moves, but if you gonna use heeltoe combos, i think it would suit you more if you bounced alittle more when you execute them

    MY VOTE: Superman, more developed and cleaner walk.
    The Above Standard.
    The Above Standard.

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    Re: Henor vs Superman

    Post by Revilo on Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:01 pm

    beatride: henor
    lyricride: superman
    flow: superman
    execution: superman
    varies: henor
    cleanliness: superman
    song choice: superman

    both of you guys have your flaws, so if this is about the thing in chatbox you both have a while to go Razz
    henor, had near perfect beatride and almost never repeated anything. thumbs up for a nice amount of varies. on the downside, i think the song choice made your walk look a little forced as you hit the claps. i think if you picked a slightly faster song, you would've been able to flow a lot better, and hence made your execution better and look less forced.

    superman, lack of beatride at a few points took away from the entertainment. lyric rides were executed well, incorporated smoothly into your walk. spin was smooth, both in and out. pretty reppy with the stepbacks, so could use more varies there.

    mmmm.... tough battle to vote on. both walkers had flaws that took away from the entertainment value. both videos appeal to me though.

    Going on a technical vote here: Superman


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    Re: Henor vs Superman

    Post by Slazy on Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:05 pm


    You two can decide if this battle counts, due to the amount of time its taken no point voting as your walks have both progressed much futher.

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    Re: Henor vs Superman

    Post by Sponsored content

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