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    chausterrr vs JayJay

    New C-Walker
    New C-Walker

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    chausterrr vs JayJay

    Post by chausterrr on Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:39 am



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    Re: chausterrr vs JayJay

    Post by Slazy on Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:49 am

    slow down, there was minimal beatride in that, choose a slower song, itll help your beatride and clean up your execution, the faster you go, the more sloppy your moves will be,

    hit a fair few beats but could make them alot more convincing, really hit the claps, relied on stepbacks alot which takes a bit away fomr entertainment, flowed well with the song, really consistent walk, just need to add onto it with new variations and transitions to give it a WOW factor

    vote : JayJay, more musicality
    The Above Standard.
    The Above Standard.

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    Re: chausterrr vs JayJay

    Post by henor on Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:32 pm

    -firstly, just a minor problem - intro too long. keep it under 20 seconds.
    -liked ur double time walk until 0:36. ur wigglewalk bit after that was alright but u did it too many times and got really boring. however, u clearly lost energy after that, beatride fell off, execution got really sloppy and moves weren't that clean anymore.
    -0:55 deadfoot was pretty good, but didnt really fit with the song
    -after that u started recycling previous combo sets so emphasised the reppyness
    -overall, id say ur going too fast for ur own walk. way too forced. slow down man, like i got told time and time again "style>speed". so slow down, work on 1. cleaning up ur basics, 2. getting some more combos, 3. smoothing out and creating more transitions, 4. pick a slower song and hit the claps stronger

    -clean up ur shuffles, theres some evident rust there
    -dat glare. i get pretty annoyed when theres poor or excess lighting in a video obcuring the walk. minor problem.
    -beatride could have been better from beginning. ur crown hop and deadfoot combo at 0:21 missed the clap ever so slightly and really messed up ur consistency. however, after 0:24 was pretty much alright.
    -varies were kinda reppy, definitely need to get some more creativity into it
    -heeltoes have slight rust as well, ur front foot should be more on ur heels, thus the name, and need to turn a larger angle.
    -good flow and energy overall

    vote: jayjay - better connection with the song, slightly cleaner walk and more developed style. keep up the good work and vote on my battle as well lol.
    The Above Standard.
    The Above Standard.

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    Re: chausterrr vs JayJay

    Post by LittleLew on Mon Jul 16, 2012 3:18 am

    Hey well I am not that good at Cwalking and not that experienced either, so don't count my vote if you don't end up needing it, just I was told I could help with the voting.

    Chausterrr:I was impressed by your speed and thought the song would suit it for the first few seconds, but there were some things lacking which in my eyes stopped it from being up to par.
    - The lack of beatride was really visible and started taking away from the entertainment towards the middle-end of the video.
    - The lack of style, it just seemed like you were throwing out moves, and you did most of them pretty well, but it just didn't have that individuality or flow that all the best Cwalkers have. I'd suggest, like Slazy and Henor, that you choose slower songs to work on both your beatride and your own, unique style. Honestly speaking, if your style and moves were more developed,a cwalk at that speed would be pretty awesome.
    - The last thing that I felt took away from the video was the cleanness of the moves,I thought it started out well but as you went on, I don't know if you were getting tired or just had some missed steps but the things you were doing visibly started getting sloppier and less energetic.It may be the speed, but definitely make sure your basics are cleaned up before trying to take it to the next level.

    Overall, I thought you had really nice speed, a good amount of moves, and that the things that you didn't do so well could easily be worked on. I think if you fix those you could be pretty damn good, so good luck with that Very Happy

    JayJay: I thought you connected with the song really well, I definitely felt it through your walk, particularly at 0:45 to 0:47, that really looked / felt good. Your walk was very consistent, with a few downfalls:
    - Execution, I felt like a lot of your moves were slightly sloppy, especially the heel-toes, shuffle and some of the Vs (still better than me of course Very Happy). It is possible that in feeling the song you were being too relaxed and did not put that extra bit of energy into the steps. None were shockingly bad, just I didn't get that "he has so much control" feeling.
    - Lack of variety, you didn't have anything I hadn't seen before, or that many transitions / variations. I feel like you really need to add more things to take it to the next level and make your cwalk more entertaining.
    - Beatride, most of it was good, but once again,probably due to the relaxed song, I felt like you needed more energy. You missed a few but the main thing that bothered me was that the ones you hit weren't hit hard / noticeably enough. Even in a relaxed song you need to put energy into the right places to make the cwalk better.

    Overall, I thought you had a great cwalk which is a really strong base to be developed upon, provided you clean up your steps and start adding more in! You really connected with the song, and although I feel like you were too relaxed I definitely felt it, which was a big plus.

    My vote(if you decide to count it,if you don't at least I gave a bit of advice Very Happy): JayJay, more consistent Cwalk, better song choice and just felt the song really well, with a more developed beatride. I feel like Chausterrr could have challenged JayJay more if he had picked a better song, but his speed wasn't enough to get my vote. Both of you rock and have a lot of potential if you build upon the right parts of your cwalk!

    Posts : 503
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    Join date : 2012-03-05
    Age : 25
    Location : Sydney

    Re: chausterrr vs JayJay

    Post by Slazy on Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:54 am

    jayjay wins with KO.

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    Re: chausterrr vs JayJay

    Post by Sponsored content

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