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    R3v vs Henor


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    R3v vs Henor

    Post by Slazy on Fri May 04, 2012 1:30 am



    Le Globale` Moderateur.
     Le Globale` Moderateur.

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    Re: R3v vs Henor

    Post by Jenkinz on Fri May 04, 2012 3:41 am

    Henor- You have really nice beatriding and you seem to flow nicely with the song but fuck man loosen up a bit, you look all robotronic! Feel the rhythm, feel the beat, bop your head, feel it through your whole body dude! show us some attitude. You got some nice moves and you know how to beatride! just show us you got swagger too.

    R3v-Man you got an '07 feel to your walk. Reminds me of walkers who were coming out when I started. Maybe its just the song. I like how you flowed to it but you didnt really hit many beats and were pretty unclean with alot of transitions. Somehow I was entertained though, you dont see that style much anymore and I used to love it. Overall I think if you just keep practicing you transitions and shit you will have a killer '07 walk.

    vote- Henor

    Basing the vote on who I think has a more developed walk.
    Well done lads. Keep on.


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    The Above Standard.

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    Re: R3v vs Henor

    Post by henor on Fri May 04, 2012 6:12 am

    alright thanks for that Jenkinz Smile

    as there isnt a limit on voters and the site activity is increasing, r we still gonna keep the original pre-determined format?

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    Age : 25
    Location : Sydney

    Re: R3v vs Henor

    Post by Slazy on Fri May 04, 2012 6:29 am

    we set it to 3-0 , 3-X
    dont bump after every vote though lol, peopel wil lget around to it

    Henor :
    your executions are okay, theyre clean but generic, nothing that really grabs attention or makes you stand out
    beatride is there in parts, but its not the strongest, could hit em harder
    kinda expected a bit more energy, you seem too laidback comapred to the song
    got kinda repetitive with your variations,
    usage of space was fairly good, and i liked the little lyric with the fist lmao

    R3v :
    main thing i noticed is the lack of beatride here, you didnt seem to hit many claps at all, you flowed fairly well, but some of the executions came out a bit sloppy e.g. the variation where you lift your legs at 0:42
    The kneedrops at the end was a good idea to work with the song but i think it killed your flow a fair bit,
    all i can really say is keep adding variations and work on transitions, you have a good base right now, oh and work with the song

    Vote : Henor
    showed a slightly more developed walk and slightly better musicality in these videos
    Le Globale` Moderateur.
     Le Globale` Moderateur.

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    Re: R3v vs Henor

    Post by Austro on Fri May 04, 2012 7:58 am

    Henor: nothing really special. I thought some of your other vids were way better than this. Basic varis and got rep with some vari sets, transitions were nothing special. Clean execution but pretty generic. Need more energy, getting rid of forcedness doesn't mean you should lose your energy. Beatride was on point. If you want to lyricride, try flowing with the song more.... your flow seemed to be tailored by how you wanted to mix your varis, not the song.

    Rev: main downside was that you're a lot less developed than henor. This didn't seem as apparent in your other videos though. Nice 510 sorta bounce in this, really digged it. Varis were clean and had an interesting execution but your transitions are quite sloppy. Beatride fell off at some parts, but hit some of the main claps and your musicality overall was better. Killoff at the end was crazy haha.

    More developed walk from Henor but Rev gets my vote for a more unique and entertaining walk, plus the killoff was nuts ahahaha.

    Fear Me.
    I'm The King
    Fear Me. I'm The King

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    Re: R3v vs Henor

    Post by Lungy on Fri May 04, 2012 9:40 am

    - Beatride waS on point for majority of the video; props to you, but i felt when you hit the claps it wasnt entertaining enough
    - Execution still looks forced; and ill give you props because your walk has definitely loosened up, yur shuffles look too stiff; you need to relax when you do your shuffles because it looks like your tensing them.
    - you need to develop a few more v varies, i dont see much variety in your walk; expand your arsenal of moves
    - transitions look iffy, work on making them smooth as you change into another move, especially transitions side to side on your shuffles
    - rep; need more moves to suit your style
    - good use of space
    - show some attitude, it looked like you weren't feeling the song except for maybe the end; add some lyricrides etc.

    - Beatride was somewhat decent at the beginning, but started to deteriorate towards the end
    - there's alot of wiggle walks in this video; add some v varies and your walk will be great (y)
    - 0:40 - 0:45 definitely looked really sloppy, your transitions need work
    - alot of your moves need to be cleaned up; they look sloppy at the moment for example your wiggle walks sometimes look undefined
    - flow was somewhat inconsistent; try to keep a steady pace throughout the whole walk
    - kneedrops at the end was creative however, it was a tad bit offbeat if you have a look; and it killed your flow. But props for attitude and enthusiasm.

    My Vote: Henor, Walk is more developed.
    Both of you have a solid base; work on building upon that foundation Smile
    I'd say if Rev had a more developed walk + the energy, then i would have given it to him.

    wins 3-1. Closed

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    Re: R3v vs Henor

    Post by Sponsored content

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