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    Proper Voting

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    Proper Voting

    Post by Lungy on Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:54 am

    Since battles will start happening in the distant future; I got this extract from PMW to tell you how to vote if you don't know lol.

    Credits to May from PMW.

    Cwalker2 :
    - nice walk, you seemed like you had alot of energy; nice flow
    - some of your varies were unique, never seen them / style.
    - i see you tried to lyric ride, nice attempt to it, you're getting there.
    - transitions were good
    try to work on your left foot, going to your left, but i see you got
    some varies going there too. try to add more to mix things into your
    - great air floating variations, not bad, very impressive
    - you had some nice variations
    - your transition into the shuffle.. it was good, but your shuffle should be more "energetic"
    - you looked lazy shuffling , keep energy level high.
    - like how you lift your feet well.. shows you pivit well with your feet.

    - walk is very unique, feelin the style.
    - you need to lift your feet a lil more, looks like yer kinda draggin it here and there.
    - sick beatriding, props to that.
    - nice flow
    - nice shuffle varies, but was kinda sloppy when you were doing them; when after finished doing shuffle varies.
    - practice using your left foot for more varies , more variety of moves.
    - i like how you transition your varies into a wiggle walk , that was sick.
    - overall, walk was pretty good

    Vote: it's such a hard choice like it very is..
    both of you are at the same level ..
    but one of you are weak in one of the qualities a walker should be good at ..
    so I'm going to have to choose ..
    Cwlaker1, do to less dragging of the feet, & mix of varies.
    Sorry Cwalker2.

    is by far one of the best votes for just a regular battle. Now he used
    point form, no system, but this is acceptable. Notice how its almost
    like he's giving feedback to the both walkers, instead of saying who's
    batter and what not. He's telling each walker his best points, and his
    worst points. He's telling each walker what sticks out. If your going to
    use no system, PLEASE, VOTE LIKE THIS.

    Variations: Cwalker2
    Style: Both.
    Flow / Consistency: Cwalker1
    Transitions: Both.
    Beatriding/Lyricsriding: Cwalker2
    Entertainment: Cwalker2
    -Kinda Rep.
    -Lil Sloppy, but your transitions were clean.
    -Nothing eye-catching.
    -Beatride was eesh... there.

    camera was really laggy, I'm not gonna judge on that, but its just a
    tip to use something that doesn't take away from the viewers interest.
    -Beatride was okay.
    -You were alright in some parts, but when your energy went down you can see you got sloppy.
    -A little rep, could work on adding something too.

    Vote: Cwalker2.

    proper voting system. This is how a real vote should be. The categories
    on the top show me who is better at what. The comments are just extra,
    this person didn't even have to write that many comments, they just did
    to point it out more. That's what the comments are for. When you watch 2
    videos, how you really decide who wins, is by comparing them right? So
    the categories help you decide who won, and help the other people figure
    out why. Honestly, using this format, my answer surprises me sometimes.
    I think one person has won, but once I actually write it all out and
    fill the categories, the other walker has more categories, therefore he
    is the better walker. It helps you think through what you thought. This
    is why it is easier. This format lets you do less writing, and better
    comparing. I highly suggest you use this format at anytime you vote.

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